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My Author Highlights page filled with defining moments for myself as an author.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine my writing would be good enough to reach finalist status. That was a ‘pie in the sky’ type of dream many of us have.

English in high school was a major struggle. Having to write about set topics with which I felt no connection was like drawing blood from a stone. No matter how hard I tried, attaining a B grade at the end of the term was one of those dreams never answered. The result was that I lost all confidence in my writing ability at high school.

It was only after receiving positive feedback about my sailings blog post writing that belief in myself began returning.

A Big Blue Boat was never intended to go to print. The book was to be a story shared with just family and friends.

It was the words of editor, Jennifer Silva Redmond, that had me making the decision to publish.

Just over three years later, I am still pinching myself on a regular basis. This has been the biggest learning curve of my life and has been totally worth it!

I have learnt three major lessons from this experience:

You never know until you try,

never give up,

and that although a lone process, to create the best story you can,

writing is also a team effort.

Had I chosen not to make that massive leap, A Big Blue Boat would still be a pipe dream.

This Author Highlights page is not just for myself.

It is also for those of you, who like me have dreamed, or are dreaming…

Nothing is impossible!!

Author Highlights
picture book winner
Purple dragon awrds
susea spray
a big blue boat

Purple Dragonfly Book Award Winner, 2023

Literary Titan Silver Award Winner, 2022

Indie Children’s Book Cover Awards (top 20), 2022

Finalist (children’s book): Page Turner Awards, 2022

Finalist (writing): Page Turner Awards 2021

a big blue boat sequel coming 2024

Coming March 2025

Genre Winner (children’s): Page Turner Awards, 2022

Shortlisted (writing): Page Turner Awards, 2022

Finalist (writing): Page Turner Awards, 2022

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Media News

I never believed there would be a day when I was featured in a media article. It’s another step in the process that defines any author’s path to becoming known.

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