Reading Aloud

Today, people often see reading aloud as a boring chore and a waste of time, but a plethora of studies highlight how important it is – and not for just beginning readers, but for adults, too. Image from Before Books Before books became affordable to the populace, stories were told through the art of […]

Carry on Mr Bowditch

Author: Jean Lee Latham Publisher:: Houghton Mifflin Year: 2003 Image: cover from 1st Edition Jean Lee Latham’s ‘Carry on Mr Bowditch’ is based on the real life of Nathaniel Bowditch. Nathaniel loved the sea and spent 5 voyages at sea. A self-educated man – his education finished when he was 10 – his thirst for […]

The Hull

The hull is the watertight bottom section of a boat that goes in the water. It can be open at the top, like in a dinghy, or closed in with a deck. The hull is the body of the boat. It is the part of the boat that lets it float on the water. To […]

Title Reveal

After 4 years in the making, it’s time at last for the title reveal. The illustrations are finished and the book launch date set, but more about that another day. Today, I am excited to be reveal that the first A Big Blue Boat sequel is … Emma Stuart has brought to life this rhythmic […]

The Book Cow Kingston

There are only 4 days until we bring A Big Blue Boat to The Book Cow Kingston. I am looking forward to meeting everyone as I share the story of A Big Blue Boat. 2 stories to share, activities to make, books to buy and have signed. Tickets are FREE. Just click on the image […]

Sailing: Mathematics & Science & Physics

Did you know that sailing is a combination of maths & science & physics? Learning to sail isn’t just a matter of hopping into a boat and setting sail. More often than not, you would find yourself capsizing or in other crazy situations. To be a good sailor, there are many things you must learn […]

Across the Curriculum

A Big Blue Boat and the topic of sailing boats can be can be incorporated across the curriculum for children of all ages. As the A Big Blue Boat series grows, the topics of study will continue to increase. This page will assist you with discovering what is possible…

Our Shell Harbour

An Australian Secret Author: Karen Hendriks Illustrator: Emma Stuart Publisher: Little Shell Books Year: 2024 Image: Cover of 2024 1st edition Australia has many hidden treasures. Shell Harbour is one of them. In this beautifully illustrated book, Karen Hendriks has brought the Shell Harbour region to life. Children will also love the onomatopoeia scattered throughout […]

The Book Cow

A Big Blue Boat is now available at The Book Cow in Canberra. I had the privilege of meeting with Peter at the Book Cow book shop in Canberra late last week. I can now share the news that a number of the A Big Blue Boat books and the acitivity book are now available […]

Flying Fish

When my husband and I were sailing, we often saw flying fish leaping out of the water as they tried to escape from predators. When there were storms, we sometimes found waves had thrown flying fish onto the deck. One morning when the sea was nice and calm, I was very surprised to discover one […]