I love Author School Visits and provide an interactive experience that brings A Big Blue Boat to life for 4-8 year olds.

Susea’s visit to Yarrawonga College was a highlight for all the Prep to Year 2 students. Every student was thoroughly engaged in the sessions, joining in with the actions when Susea read ‘A Big Blue Boat’ and asking many thoughtful questions when she explained her sailing journey. It was such an integrated hour, which covered aspects of History, Geography, Art as well as English. Susea also provided a multitude of follow up activities in all curriculum areas.

Susea was extremely well planned and organised so the sessions ran very smoothly. Susea quickly developed a rapport with the students, she made her expectations clear and she provided constant positive reinforcement ensuring her sessions were enjoyed by all students.

The teachers all raved about her sessions so much that we have invited Susea to come back to our school to work with the Year 3s and 4s.

Rebecca, Curriculum and Pedagogy Leading Teacher P – 6

Years F-3 and F-6 whole group sessions

Author School Visits include:

  • Talk about the writing of the book.
  • An interactive book reading
  • A making activity suited to each age group

Years 3-6

If you are wanting something a little different, I share how the writing process works for me. The students get to ‘play with words’ as they create their own work to an old favourite.

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‘Susea is a great author who writes interesting and engaging stories. She was able to capture the imagination and attention of my 5/6 class for entire 45minutes. Susea has an incredible ability to not only write but tell her stories as if you were along for the journey with her. We are very grateful to have Susea come to our school and share her career as an author with us. It has inspired our students to become better writers and further their potential.’ Taj, Year 5/6 teacher

author school visits
4-8 year olds
small schools
Susea Spray
author school visits
4-8 year olds
small schools
Susea Spray

‘I liked that you told us about the things that you saw on your journey and how you made the book feel like you’re on the boat’ Year 6 Boy

Want to know more? You can download my Author Visit Information Booklet.

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‘Loved how you shared your experiences of travelling with the class. It really captivated them. The children were involved and got to complete differentiated activities, which they enjoyed. A very welcoming presence.’ Matthew, Teacher

Country Schools

Are you a teacher in a small country school with a very limited budget? I worked in a country school and understand how difficult this can be.

I do at least one big trip across country each year. This enables me to offer more affordable rates to country schools. I would love to hear from you. Please drop me a line via the form below.

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a ‘storytime’ presentation by author, Susea Spray, about her beautiful picture book, A Big Blue Boat.

A small audience of children were in attendance on this particular day, ranging in age from approximately 3 through to 9 or 10. This is not unusual, given the book has a broad appeal, but it is a tough range to keep engaged and I wasn’t sure how it would go.

I needn’t have had any concerns.

Susea used to be a teacher and it shows. Her presentation was engaging from the start. She spoke to each child like they were the only one there and varied her information and her questions to suit the audience. There was a really effective blend of presentation styles –lecture-style (where Susea talked about the different parts of a boat), questions to the audience, personal anecdotes, singing, interactive components and a story reading. Susea also incorporated large visuals, including enlarged pictures from the book so everyone could see.

What impressed me the most was Susea’s ability to tailor her presentation to the interests of the audience and to keep them fully engaged for a full 40 minutes – even the youngest listeners. There was something for everyone in Susea’s presentation – from the youngest children (pre-primary) through to Year 6, and adults.

I have attended many book launches, workshops and readings by children’s authors over the years, and have to say that Susea Spray’s presentation ranks right up the top. If I was still teaching, I would be more than happy to have Susea present to all grade levels, from Preschool and Kindergarten through to Year 6.

Kellie Nissen: Editor, author coach, ex-teacher, www.justrightwords.com.au

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