Author: Caryl Hart

Illustrator: Ali Pye

Publisher:  Scholastic Picture Books

Edition: 1st edition

Year: 2 August 2018

Back in the day, I was a youngster who preferred doing activities that were considered a ‘boy’s thing’ and was often referred to as a ‘Tom Boy’.

Then at the age of 12 or 13, I found myself being informed that I had need to start behaving like a young lady…

Being a female sailor, albeit one still learning the ropes, in what is still a very male dominated field, it was the title of Caryl Hart’s book, ‘Girls Can Do Anything’, that drew my attention, and I love it!

Oh, for a book like this, when I was younger!

Bright illustrations, with a text written with rhythm and rhyme, activities and jobs that until recently weren’t considered suitable for women are introduced.

I love the phrase repeated throughout:

“’Girls are amazing.

So shout it out loud!

I’m a girl!

I’m fantastic!

I’m strong, brave and proud!’”

It encompasses everything a girl is.

If you have a young daughter, granddaughter, or niece, I highly recommend this picture book.