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The anchor is an important piece of equipment on a boat.

It locks into sand or mud and stops the boat from floating away.

After long weeks at sea, it’s lovely hearing the rattle and clang as the anchor races towards the seabed.

The anchor on Lesley’s illustrations in ‘A Big Blue Boat’ is called an Admiral. This was the shape of the early anchors used on the old sailing ships.

Today there are many types of anchors that stick in the sands or mud better than an admiral anchor does.

The admiral anchor is really only good for holding in rocks.

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On Gratis we have two anchors.

These anchors are known for what is called the holding power. This means how good the anchor is at stopping a boat from dragging its anchor.

The plough anchor was invented in the 1930s and is shaped a bit like a plough.

The Sarca XL is a more modern anchor. The more the boat pulls on the anchor the deeper it digs in.

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