Sail, Sail, Sail Your Boat Sail, Sail, Sail Your Boat

Adapted from ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’ by Susea, Sail, Sail, Sail Your Boat is a fun song about A Big Blue Boat.

The Anchor

The anchor is an important piece of equipment on a boat. It locks into sand or mud and stops the boat from floating away. After long weeks at sea, it’s lovely hearing the rattle and clang as the anchor races towards the seabed. The anchor on Lesley’s illustrations in ‘A Big Blue Boat’ is called […]

Powerpoints Presentations

Powerpoint presentations are ready to go! I prefer to use hand held imaging as I talk to my audiences. This works well for small groups, but for large audiences it’s problematic as those at the back can’t see. Between travelling and author vists, the past few weeks have found me creating various powerpoint presentations and […]

Author Visits Gallery

Welcome to the Author Visits Gallery. I love sharing A Big Blue Boat’s journey during my author visits at schools and libraries and the author visits gallery is a place to share some of that joy with you. My large map has the children intrigued from the moment they walk in. For author Library visits […]

Where Do You Get Your Food?

Before we leave port, we head to the shops. We buy enough fruit and vegetables to last the journey. We buy enough meat to last two weeks. We store the food in a fridge. We don’t have a freezer, so we have to eat the meat quickly. When we have eaten all the meat, it’s […]

Reading Fun at Kempsey Library

There was reading fun at Kempsey Library when I shared the story, A Big Blue Boat, last Thursday. Everyone had a great time! We had children aged from 18 months up to 12 years. There was something for everyone to do. I just love sharing my stories with the children. It was lovely meeting Melanie, […]


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Feather Stars

Yesterday, I discovered the most amazing sea creatures I have ever seen. They are called Feather Stars. Live Diet Can grow up to Scientific Name Eaten by ? Plankton 31cm Crinoidea Fish and mooches Feather Stars are the closest thing alive to walking plants! Their bodies are so small that they are difficult to see. […]


I love Lionfish. We were really lucky to see one swimming next to Gratis when we were visiting the island of Rodrigues. Live Diet Can grow up to Scientific Name Eaten by 10-15 years Fish, crustaceans (like shrimp), and molluscs 38cm in length Pterois volitans moray eels, tiger groupers, blue-spotted cornet fish and some sharks […]

Why Is The Toilet Called The Head?

How the toilet came to be called the Head is a really interesting question. I had to do a bit of searching to find the answer. About 600 years ago, the front of the boat was called the ‘head’. No-one knows the exact date when the word ‘head’ was used to mean the toilet. Early […]