Author School Visits

Prices as of April 2023 In Person Visit The visit includes: Discussion with the teacher about the content to be covered prior to the visit. Each child receives: Books are made available for purchase prior to the visit. Unless stated by the purchaser, all ‘A Big Blue Boat’ books purchased will be signed. Rates for […]

Author Library Visits

Susea Spray’s story “A Big Blue Boat” takes children on a wonderful adventure. It’s clever use of rhythm, and words that roll off your tongue make it fun to read and listen to. I found that even for children who live a long way from the ocean, that aren’t really familiar with boats, were provided […]

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Rhyming Fun

Children are always engaged more when the learning is fun. These are some simple rhyming games that can be played at home. Magnetic Letters Rhymes (Reception to Year 2) Have a group of magnetic letters on the fridge. Lay out a word ending: for example, ‘ig’ Your child/children place a letter in front to create […]

Great Books To Have

Great books to have, great books

Why is Rhyming Important in the Early Years?

Young children often experiment by playing with a word and creating words that rhyme with it – even creating nonsensical ones. It’s a fun game and they love it. Without knowing it, they are starting to build the foundations that will help them succeed at reading and writing. The repetitive structure itself, is critical for […]

How long does it take you to write a book?

I find the length of time spent on developing each book depends upon its style, the topic and the feedback I receive during each story’s development.  Although an Indie author, I still adhere to the belief that major legwork must be put in before a story is ready for publishing. This includes having people critique […]

What Are People Saying?

  Penny Evans, Librarian “What a fantastic presenter! Susea toured all three of our libraries with her book A Big Blue Boat, presenting the story with incredible style and skill, and then leading the children in an excellent craft. Those in attendance were thoroughly engaged with Susea throughout the session, and we can’t wait to have […]

Webpage Live! Share the News!

How exciting it is to welcome you to the live Susea Spray webpage. With the need to alter plans, it’s been a major marathon for someone having to learn this new version of wordpress. The site is still a work in progress, but I hope you will enjoy the journey with me. Firstly, I want […]