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Reading Aloud

Today, people often see reading aloud as a boring chore and a waste of time, but a plethora of studies highlight how important it is – and not for just beginning readers, but for adults, too. Image from Before Books Before books became affordable to the populace, stories were told through the art of […]

Rhythm, Beat and Repetition in Picture Books

Rhythm, beat and repetition in picture books assists with developing communication, phonological awareness, syllabification, and fluency. I watched a show about autism and women a couple of years ago and a lot of buttons went click, click, click. Each click provided a reason for how I think, act and process. It explained why I am […]

Port Macquarie Region Library Visits

It’s a pretty exciting month in May, as I visit Laurieton, Port Macquarie and Wauchope libraries. I am looking forward to meeting everyone.

Rhyming Fun

Children are always engaged more when the learning is fun. These are some simple rhyming games that can be played at home. Magnetic Letters Rhymes (Reception to Year 2) Have a group of magnetic letters on the fridge. Lay out a word ending: for example, ‘ig’ Your child/children place a letter in front to create […]

Great Books To Have

Great books to have, great books

Why is Rhyming Important in the Early Years?

Young children often experiment by playing with a word and creating words that rhyme with it – even creating nonsensical ones. It’s a fun game and they love it. Without knowing it, they are starting to build the foundations that will help them succeed at reading and writing. The repetitive structure itself, is critical for […]

About Reading

All about reading: rhyming, rhythm, books, games and more for parents.

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