Children are always engaged more when the learning is fun.

These are some simple rhyming games that can be played at home.

Magnetic Letters Rhymes (Reception to Year 2)

Have a group of magnetic letters on the fridge.

Lay out a word ending: for example, ‘ig’

Your child/children place a letter in front to create a word: for example, ‘b’ to make ‘big’.

Note: Nonsense words are fine at this early stage. It’s all about fun.

Rhyme Race

Person one chooses a word (i.e. big).

Person two says as many words as possible that rhyme with that word.

Both people keep count.


Have a timed race.

Take it in turns until no more words can be listed.

Team Race (once the child can write)

Player one says a word (i.e. big)

Both players write down as many rhyming words as they can in an allotted time.

I Spy (5+)

Until your child has a good grasp of rhyme start by having a group of objects laid out in fromt of you. Small toy farm animals, foods and transport are great for this.

I recommend commencing with no more than 4 objects until your child has a good grasp of the game.

You start by saying:

‘I spy with my little eye, something that rhymes with ….’

You say a word that rhymes with one of the items in the group.

The child responds by looking at the group of objects and names the rhyming item.

In the early stages, have two items in the group of objects that rhyme. This allows you to give an example.

Examples of an object group may be: fig, pig, box, hat

I spy with my little eye, something that rhymes with big.

You may then choose the word fig.

Your child then has the chance to identify the pig.