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K-1 Literacy Pack Well Underway

Containing ideas, activites and games, the pack is well on the way to completion. Books can be such a great source for learning, and A Big Blue Boat is perfect for this. To assist teachers of the K-1 year levels (also referred to a R-1 or F-1), I am creating this pack filled with Literacy […]

New Illustrations

The first sequel to A Big Blue Boat is coming closer to fruition. In this new rhythmic, rhyming story, what ocean living animals will a big blue boat and her captain see? This morning, Lesley sent a couple of photos through and I just have to give you a small peek of a section from […]

Where Did you get Your Idea For the A Big Blue Boat Story

I can’t really say there is one clear cut event that led to the idea of writing A Big Blue Boat. There were, however, four key issues. The first being that there are no realistic sailing picture books out there for young girls: for them, the stories are imaginative and dreamlike. The second factor was, […]

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Webpage Live! Share the News!

How exciting it is to welcome you to the live Susea Spray webpage. With the need to alter plans, it’s been a major marathon for someone having to learn this new version of wordpress. The site is still a work in progress, but I hope you will enjoy the journey with me. Firstly, I want […]

A Big Blue Boat Activity Book

Did you love the Big Blue Boat story? Then you will love this fun-packed activity book! Colour, cut, make, cook and more! Big Blue Boat Fun! Children will love joining in the fun with this activity book inspired by the award-nominated story by Susea Spray, A Big Blue Boat. Interactive thrills for children who love […]

A Big Blue Boat Sequel

What wonderful sights will a big blue boat and her captain see when sailing upon the brine? If you love Bill Martin Jr’s Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?, you are going to love this A Big Blue Boat sequel. Shortlisted 2022 Page Turner Awards Winner of 2022 Page Turner Awards: Best Picture […]

A Big Blue Boat

A boat.A big blue boat.A big blue boat with billowing sails…. Seas are calm, winds gently blowing, when a Big Blue Boat and her Captain head out for a day’s sail. As the sun arcs through the sky, winds strengthen, and seas start to rollick and frolic. What are a Big Blue Boat and her […]